The Akyrie are a collection of near human species that are mixed heavily with the beasts of Dylaera.


The Akyrie originated from the global event The Ethereal Shift when a brilliant beam of light illuminated the night sky for over twenty years. Not long after its conclusion strange abnormalities within children began appearing. The human species found itself branching off into various sub species. Mages and Demons were one such aberration. Akyrie were the result of animal souls fusing to human bodies.

The changes happened less in colonies which boasted advances in agriculture, trade, and mining. Those who coexisted with nature became more susceptible to proto-shifting. At first this produced subtle changes such as light feathering, extra hair, sharper teeth, and so on. The conditions worsened over time and soon visible mutations were commonplace. While all affected could manipulate the changes to varying degrees it largely went undeterred. Eventually early akyrie began to take on familiar appearances. Animals that were not only in plentiful abundance to the region such as the wolves of Doliciere or the deer of Eden but also those that had cultural and even religious significance.

No complete records exist in the common era of these evolutionary periods, however many early akyrie civilizations such as the snake Elbrion of Eden made reference to their beginnings upon their monuments.

All akyrie exist as a combination of human and animal within the confines of three forms:

  • Animal: Look exactly like the creature which their species is based on. Near indistinguishable except for some subtle tells in their anatomy.
  • Hybrid: A mid transition stage their appearance is a combination of the two using a human's shape but also their animalistic features. This is the form you will encounter most in Dylaerian culture.
  • Human: When in this form they cannot be told apart from actual humans. The only difference is they still retain the heightened natural senses of their animal side.

Natural Species



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