Created from the old Baelic words 'Alma' meaning 'Guide' and 'Niri' meaning 'Star'. The title of Guiding Stars was given to them for being not only the last of the dragons in existence but also for being the first vaelon. This fact led many akyrie to see the fifty-three alminiri as guides to a new era.


In the final years of the Ashen Holocaust both Serna and Fwayli were desperate to save the dwindling grandchildren of Aurora. They eventually managed to make a deal with the Divine King's banished son Lucifer. The young arch angel used his magic to remove the souls of each alminiri one by one and transfer them into living humans who had volunteered to help save the dragons. The result had many side effects such as the humans' bodies took on the ability to shift like other akyrie(although not into full dragons). The major effect would not be learned until much later when Gola died in a cave in. Though dead, in five years time a child returned to their sanctuary declaring himself the fallen dragon. Many did not believe him out right until the child proved his claim was true. Since then whenever each alminiri died they would be reborn and their memories returned after five years. The downside to this immortality was that their original bodies still existed as hollow soulless forms. If one of those died than the soul would be released and the years they'd spent alive would be returned all at once. So the true bodies are buried beneath Haven in a location where no one but sixty people know according to Darrian.

The Fifty-Three Alminiri:

Aikaena Aithen Amelia Belle Celine Daesa Daniel Darrian Drift
Dune Dusk Ellaria Emma Evans Fae Ferrin Gola Grawnt Ilyum
Jal'vier Jarten Jeirg Kai'lena


Maren Mivius Niras Olivia
Rachel Reich Rolia Rykker Saelin Samuel Sarah Seeker Ser'al
Shade Siren Sylis Sylph Tallow Tylain Veralis Victoria
Viktor Xerna Zevios

(Yuna, Basque, Lockwood, Belfast, Sidhe, Crosse)

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