The Baels were an ancient Dylaeran culture that held power until they were defeated by the Enlightened Army of Divinity. The actual beginning of their civilization is lost to time however relics date it to around the time of the Ethereal Shift which is estimated between 9000-12,500BD[1].


The Baelic age was ruled by five dragon monarchs. Each of these beings held sway over certain geographical regions of Dylaera: Eden, Aurenhel, Jericho, and Doliceire, and Abyss. While the five chose not to interact much it is said that none were openly hostile to each other.


  • The Blackwold King: A famous fairy tail that has managed to survive to the present day. It tells the story of an Eden king whos heart grew dark and as a reflection of that so too did his scales. He is visited one day by the Azure king of Abyss and made to undertake a pilgrimage of repentance.
  • The Dragon Titans:

Baelic is an ancient culture of Dylaera founded back in the time when the four kings governed the world. It began after the Ethereal Shift when all the souls of the world were shifted around and the world as a whole began to in an unsteady fashion get back up on their feet. New creatures began to evolve into existence as a previous shocking rate. Creatures like the kalarie were not just become rampant but plentiful. Dragons who once were a clever advisary began to grow great intelligence, the akyrie species exploded in populations with angels, demons, and mages. Four such beings rose among the others in each their different areas and began to convey with each other and under them the first age of Baelic history was written.


Baelic is at once a very flowing language lending itself from a very nature-like base.

For instance in chapter 1 Darrian uses the word 'Saefwel' which combines the common word 'safe' and 'home'. 'Saefwel' translates into 'Home Safe'

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