Christian is a kesslan from the Boneshaker pack. A talented tracker and marksman he rose up in the ranks of Division 6 to become Darrian's partner and continued to do so through the beginning of the Sands of Memory story.

Early Life

Christian grew up in the Boneshaker pack as the youngest of three siblings. As the pack alpha, his father Garret demanded excellence from all his children and pushed them beyond the expectations of other families. Though his brother and sister far surpassed Christian's skill the young kesslan refused to give up. At some point he developed a hatred for his father and used that as determination.

Leaving For Haven

At the age of sixteen Christian left his pack in the middle of the night following a violent argument with his father. Though many were dispatched to capture the young kesslan it was Eric who ended up finding him. To Christian's surprise his older brother had brought provisions and some money to see the younger sibling off.

Division 6

Christian almost immediately enrolled into the organization after arriving in the city.

Sands of Memory

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