While the Outcasts don't use any currency system; Divinity does. After the fall of the Divine Empire of Karkira the old was restructured into something simpler and global.

The Worth of Metal

The basics of Dylaeran currency are simple to understand. You have two types of coin: pennies and marks. A penny is characterized by a circle of pressed metal while a mark is a rectangular block much like an ingot the size of a finger.

Order of importance:

Iron > Copper > Silver > Gold


Every increment is made in 5s. So: 1 iron mark is worth 5 iron pennies. So 1 copper penny is worth 5 iron marks, or 25 iron pennies. Only gold does not contain a penny and instead is regulated to a full mark with a conversion of 100:1 with silver.

The Use of Gold:

Gold does not enter much into play. Its primary and practically sole use is as a transportation currency. For example why ship millions in copper and silver when simply using a few gold marks could do the trick.

Common Names:

Each coin is known commonly by one name or another and while it has changed over time; many stay the stick.

  • Iron Penny: Buckler
  • Iron Mark:
  • Copper Penny:
  • Copper Mark:
  • Silver Penny: Sparrow
  • Silver Mark:
  • Gold Mark: Angel's Grace


For some the high stakes life of bounty hunting is one of adventure, or destitution. Most bounty hunters work at the local level within the larger cities. However there are still some who prefer to wander in teams after higher priced targets.

There are a few constants in how a price is adjusted and applied. For one all bounties are calculated in silver and although some start off with copper they are not made public until after their value increases. In the book Values of Broken Law a full list of crimes and their corresponding bounties can be found.

The Price of Wardens

While most crimes fluctuate depending on the victim or the crime, however when it comes to a Warden the law is absolute.

Assaulting a Warden: 10,000

Assaulting a Warden as accomplice causing death: 50,000

Killing a Warden: 100,000

While it isn't the sole reason, you can tell how many Warden each of the alminiri have killed by their bounties.

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