The Dawn's Edge is a ship, captained by Aithen , and crewed by the Tempest Pirates . The ship has faithfully served the crew over the past 2500 years, going through rigerous overhauls, rebuilds, and tune ups to keep it with the current age.

Dawn's Edge V1

The first iteration was nothing more than a forteen oar ship with a single sail. It served Aithen for sixty-two years before being caught in a typhoon and sinking with all hands.

Dawn's Edge V4( 7, 12, 16)

All medium class sailing vessels. All got caught in dulldrums and wandered into the Eden Maelstrom, sinking with all hands. V12 had one survivor, and V16 had five survivors. 

Dawn's Edge V25

Twenty-eight guns, twelve sails, and five decks. The V25 was the biggest and most fearsome version to sail. It was also Aithen's longest surviving version for near three hundred years. It finally limped into port after a sever day seige upon it. Naccius had cournered it coming out of a straight away created by a chain of islands, using land artillery he managed to bring down one of its four masts, and damage the port side severely. After escaping the islands Aithen mustered as much strength as he could to outrun the pursuers. They downed three of the seven ships and wounded two others. The V25's escape was in part due to a becalmed patch of ocean which Aithen was able to continuously propell the ship forward. Eventually they lost sights of their pursuers and managed to come across the Gweneth Reed who towed her the rest of the way to Doliceire.

Immediately Aithen contracted Sylis to fix the ship, but the damaged was too extensive so instead Aithen had Sylis salvage any and all useful parts to put into the next iteration of the Dawn's Edge.

Dawn's Edge V26

The current ship of the Tempest Pirates. It is slightly smalled than the V25, with three masts, five decks, and ten more cannons(38). Unlike the V25, the V26 is an iron-clad monstrosity, featuring two paddle-wheels, iron plating on the hull, and deck cannons that may be adjusted. It was the most futuristic ship of its age for well on twenty years, leaving Divinity to scramble ways to deal with it. In the end all ships of the Swift Tide Alliance were refitted with paddles and armour and soon after others began popping up.

Dawn's Edge X

The proposed dream ship of Aithen, designed by Sylis, and commissioned by Valerie's guild. The DE-X was the first space ship ever built on Dylaera to see completion.

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