Delindris is the only daughter of a lowly huntsman from Karkira. She would eventually train and go off to slay a dragon in a vain attempt to save her father. She would eventually enter Haven and become one of the first school teachers. In Sands of Memory it is revealed that she is currently head of the music department.


The Ashen Holocaust:

Delindris is credited with killing Aurie, a part time companion to Sylph, and one known for being rather skittish. Aurie had flown to one of the furthest islands in Eden and nestled into its local cave system.

Tracking reports of a dragon sighting, Delindris journeyed out from her home in hopes that she could have the reward passed to her father to save him. He had taken ill in recent months and Delindris had done all she could think of to save him. So with the last of her savings, a boat headed west, and the family bow.

Delindris's initial impression of dragons were as the Karkiran government had depicted them; rogue monsters. What she found was a miserable creature lost and afraid. Killing Aurie was in her words "the most terrible sin I've ever committed".

Delindris's return to Karkira was a solemn one. She ate little and slept less. Still the deed had been done and she ventured home to bring news to her father. Their house was empty, the fireplace long cold. A neighbour brought her the news that Tollen had passed not a bracket after Delindris departed.

Distraught for killing Aurie, and the death of her father, she tried to refuse the gift of immortality. As rumour had it Emmanuel was enraged at the young angel's refusal and instead forced the 'gift' on her. She would later be exiled from Karkira prior to its destruction.


Delindris wandered the world as one of the many undying. After Karkira fell she devoted her existence to an attempt at making amends. Upon hearing of Haven, the young angel journeyed to the city. She begged and pleaded with not only Lucifer but the alminiri as a whole.

Haven's population had grown from a handful to several thousand over the years and several key institutions needed personnel. Mivius saw this as an opportunity.

"Vee vill 'ave more families living 'ere in time; many more. Vee vill use your mistake as a cournerstone. Teach zee new generations, and all those who follow. Be better zan your mistakes; make people better zan your mistakes." ~ Mivius to Delindris

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