Demons in Dylaera differ from those of Earth mythology. Though they do possess a variety of tints/shades in their skin, and horns they are far from the beings of shadow you'd have thought them to be.


Like Mages and the Akyrie ; Demons didn't exist prior to The Ethereal Shift. After the conclusion of the shift they appeared world wide seemingly at random and only to humans. Unlike their Mage counterparts; demons' appearances and lack of ability to hide them made the new race a target for Angels who saw them as a plague upon the world and sought to wipe them out in a mass genocide. 


Demons comes in a variety of colours and shades, usually caused by location, diet, and other conditions of which they were born into. Another factor was their parentage which could see different results as well.

They are also known to have horns and/or spikes of various shapes and sizes.


Whereas Mages are weilders of the arcane and breed magic; demons are comprised solely of physical alteration. The alteration they can preform; like Breed magic can be a single thing or multiple outcomes.

Class Structure

  • Class 1: Slight body manipulation, usually only in certain areas of the body.
  • Class 2: Slight body manipulation. This can cover the whole body but isn't very pronounced.
  • Class 3: Full body manipulation. Their abilities can be held longer, with more obvious effect. Vexis falls under this class.
  • Class 4: Internal manipulation. Extremely powerful they can undertake internal changes to themselves, such as modifying lung capacity and increasing heart rate.
  • Class 5: The strongest natural class of demon. They have full control over their modifications within a certain category, but their abilities allow them to fully harness that power both internally and externally. Driek's size altering is an example of this class.
  • Class 6: These are true monsters, able to transform into what is known as 'hellspawn', These creatures can rival Kalios. These are also the rarest form of demon who's infrequency is on par with Arch Angels, and Sykilon. So far only one person in the series is known to be this class of demon and that's Levi. When she makes her appearance is yet unknown.
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