Divinity is a religious faction primarily consisting of Humans and Angels.


When Grethriel began the colonization of Karkira he deenounced that they would forever fly the banner of Divinity to mark their beginning at nothing. He tirelessly worked along side his people to build the city that covered most of the continent, as well as frequently overseeing and aiding efforts to colonize the rest of Dylaera.

The name 'Divinity' came from his belief that effort, hardship, and perseverance were divine tests sent from a higher power to prove whom was worthy of grace.

Early Days

The faction of Divinity has survived for almost 20,000 years and though the later years were frought with conflict the earlier ones saw numerous forms of peice. Pacts were made with the Dragons who were quickly seen to be both intelligent and unremarkable allies. They also noted the intelligence of other species such as: humans, pheonixes, and griffons(to an extent). Though there was a tenative peace and coexistance the angel civilization prefered to keep humans within their cities more than the rest. Some saw the beastial species as pets, objects of labour, or just simply wild animals that should be left to their own devices.

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