Emily Alistair is the second main character of Sands of Memory, the first book in the Embers' War Saga. She accompanies Darrian Karlin on the first stage of his journey and is thought to be one of the crediting instigators that lead to the eventual war.


Early Life:

Emily was born in Horn Bay, a small coastal town south of Yurie. Her father Ivan worked as a tinker out of their home while her mother Leira provided some assistance(although not much else). They were not the wealthiest in the town but had enough to live well enough. Her father Ivan took personal responsibility in the girl's formal education. Once her arcane heritage began to appear he included training her in those subjects as well.

Months before Emily turned five a stranger came to the house looking for Ivan. Her father had welcomed the woman in and the two had secluded themselves for a time. Following the discussion Ivan declared he would be leaving for an archaeological expedition and would return after a few years. The suddenness of the event left Emily stunned and her mother furious. In the end Ivan left for his journey.

Within the months that followed the family became increasingly short on money and thus sold off many of their belongings. Reaching the end of her patience Leira decided to send Emily to the mage academy in Yurie which offered commission to the families who entrusted their children to the state.

The Streets of Yurie:

Emily reluctantly followed the emissaries on their way to the mage academy in Vera. While traversing through the city of Yurie she managed to slip from her handlers and disappear into the crowd.

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