Scarred, disfigured, broken. Many words have been used to describe the Dragon of Adaptation but none more truer than: resilient. Emmara is a survivor of the Ashen Holocaust and of the Blackfyre Ambush.

Ashen Holocaust

The Blackfyre Ambush:

The Blackfyre Ambush refers to a scheme devised by Veriel and Ulerian to lure out the dragon Fwayli. Their plan involved the eventual capture of seven young dragons including Emma. The angels then force fed one of the dragons a mixture of explosive compounds until it died. When Fwayli arrived the corpse was detonated and severely wounded the older dragon while killing all but three of the younger. Emma was the closest and as such took the bunt of the blast to the right side. She lost sight in one eye, her right arm to below the shoulder, one wing completely ruined, and the other partially. Fragments of bone from the corpse sliced through her body damaging her hip, lower organs, neck, and jaw.

Though it was believed she would die from the injuries, Emma managed to survive and find safety long enough to stabilize. The damage would continue to follow her after becoming immortal.


As a dragon Emma possesses an elemental affinity. With her magic she has worked towards a mastery of compressing fire into a solid state.

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