A fantasy world created by Nick R. Kupila. Designed from the ground up, Dylaera is meant to be a new take on the fantasy genre by looking at the world from the ground up and interweaving an intricate continuity to be the base of a life long passion for story telling. From the dawn of Baelic civilization to the first exploration of the cosmos in the DCF Ingenuity I aim to make it so readers are never want of an experience.

So what is the world of Dylaera? 

Magic, science, mysticism, and lands full of different cultures. I took a step back and looked at our own world as objectively as possible and tried to replicate the process. You have civilizations like the Baels who were ruled by five dragons thought to be the humble bridge between gods, Divinity who ruled for more than ten thousand years overall that began from a nomadic group of angels to the largest government body in history. There are titans who are believed to have shaped the world, and alminiri who were created to guide Dylaera into the new era. Even the land itself presents intrigue. A monstrous hurricane has been wandering the sands of Jericho for thousands of years, behind an illusion off the coast of Eden hides an island warped by cataclysm, in Doliceire the mountains reach towards the stars.

This world is alive, it is old, and it's got many stories to tell. Are you up for the journey?

Dylaera's Timeline

Name Roster

Book Series:

Embers' War Saga(6 Parts):

Part 1: Sands of Memory

One day The Ragged Feather Company is tasked to travel to the settlement of Orsi and await a messenger offering a job. Unbeknownst to the group the benefactor is the grandfather of one of their own; Emily Alistair. Once arriving in the town the Company is met by the alminiri Darrian Karlin in disguise who gives them a simple choice of following him to the Outcast city of Haven or returning to their lives.

Flight of Leviathans:

The story of Dylaera's first exploration of space.

Short Stories:


The alminiri Sylph spies on a rehearsal session between Siren and Xerna for their upcoming performance.

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