Unparalleled explored Kathryn McCray saw the world with starstruck amazement. As a young girl she wanted to see everything, go anywhere, and nothing in her small town could stand in the way. She would go on to form an unbreakable bond with the dragon Laik, one that would transcend time.

One day she met the young dragon Oryl and the two formed an inseparable bond that lasted generations. Kathryn would eventually volunteer for Lucifer's last ditch attempt to save the dragons and in turn be fused together with Oryl. Unlike other alminiri though, both sides retained their consciousness and live together as one.


Kathryn's Life:

Growing up on the Yurian Peninsula in a family of fishermen meant that stories of adventure flowed like water. It didn't help matters either that Kathryn's older brother worked as a trader's assistant and he was more than happy to weave tales for his younger sister. Kathryn grew with burning with curiosity and an inquisitive mind, often venturing out into the nearby forests with other children to play.

By the age of sixteen Kathryn had found herself far from home on the back of a trade caravan bound for nowhere. Inside was a map she'd worked to buy and supplies for the journey. Kathryn had grown up with a dream of "collecting the world". She fawned over maps, wanting to walk where the lines referenced, and in time she would. Kathryn's journey took her from Jericho to the jungles of Eden and as far south as the wastes of Aurenhel.

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