Divinity's answer to creating a military powerhouse on the lands they control. While only deployed on the continent of Jericho landships became the backbone of the army starting with the first designs of steam engines in the year 14990. Steam engine design and construction took off much like the budding shipyards of old had. The first commercial engine was named 'Old Man Smokey' after the billowing cloud trail that would follow the train created from its wood based fuel source. Later variations of engines would experiment with wood, coal, Arc Oil, and in several variations an unstable concoction known as 'jet fuel'.

Railking Mk1:

The first light armoured engine ever to exit prototype and enter productioned. While only three were produced it set the stage for later models. The RK1 had a single ten pound cannon mounted atop a swivel. The gun deck as it was called was built on top of the pilot's cabin. Powered by a single massive wheel the RK1 could only reach a top speed of 20Km/h while pulling up to ten cars.

First deployed in the Siege of Liet the RK1 held on as mobile gun platforms for militias to fire from and then be taken out of the battle for resupply.

Cruiser Class Landships:

Built for speed over battle prowess these landships have been specially designed to go faster than conventional commercial engines while still using the same railway. All modern cruisers are build with a L-shaped bracket that hangs past each wheel truck. The bracket is equipped with rollers that make constant contact with the rail to improve stability at high speeds. The suspension has also been uniquely designed so that as the train reaches a courner and begins to list, it will automatically redirect the weight to the higher side and prevent derailing.

Dreadnaught Class Landships:

The most fearsome line of engines ever designed. They're heavily armoured and well armed.

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