Many of Dylaera's languages are vastly old and practically archaic. For example the common tongue has only been around since the dawn of the Divine Empire(16842 years as of SoM) while Baelic is older than that.

Dylaeran Common:

Known as: Divine, Usurper, or Common it is the standard language spoken across the world. There are many factors to this. Some are the frequent trade routes that line the coast of every continent while the primary reason is Divinity. The faction's reach is essentially iron clad and most of the world's kingdoms are little more than puppet states to the archangel Michael.

The language was officially adopted in Karkira in the year 0 after the suppressing of the Baelic Kingdom. The first use of the language isn't recorded but estimates have found it to predate at least 800 years before.


Bael or Baelic is the first widespread language of Dylaera. Developed before recorded history it began on the northern continent of Eden before spreading south. It achieved such success due to the bands of nomadic groups who would travel Eden and eventually into Jericho and Dolicere.

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