Laozi the ‘Pure’ or ‘Coming Storm’: The male dragon of water was both gentle and chaotic without any warning to which. He loved the waters he called home and swam them all his life making note of every shallow and bay. With his help sailors were able to first map the world’s oceans and as tribute his symbol is always imprinted on every oceanic map by both Outcast and Divine. Though unstable at times it is said that the sound of rain could calm him regardless of severity. With his knowledge of water he helped influence medical practices saying that the cure for anything lies within the world’s tears.


  • Age: 
  • Title: The Great Dragon of Purity
  • Species: Dragon
  • Magic: Water
  • Bounty: 
  • Armaments:
  • Faction: 
  • Primary Location:
  • Occupation:
  • Rank:
  • Family:
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