Leader, unofficial king, savior, betrayer. Many have their own description of Lucifer. The sharply dressed angel was groomed to be a ruler but in the end gave it all away to defy his father and save the last dragons of Dylaera from the Ashen Holocaust.


Early Life:

Born to the the Divine King Emmanuel and his wife Tellana, Lucifer had much expected of him. He was educated and trained by both tutor and guard. When he reached the age of five and it was discovered he was in fact an arch angel; his father was delighted. It was rare for parent and child to both have the inherited power and so all Emmanuel's attention was devoted on giving his child the best.

As was custom, the other arch angels born on Karkira(and those that made the journey) took up their lodgings within the palace. Lucifer worked along side the other six as he had to but in the end got along best with Sadolphine from Jericho, and a smaller boy Gabriel.

At the age of twelve he petitioned his father to go on a pilgrimage to explore Dylaera to get a better idea of the world itself. After much protest it was agreed to let the young angel go with two of their strongest guard; Bartholomew and Jothric. While on his trip the young prince made friends of vagrants, outcasts, and even the dragon Giton.

The Ashen Holocaust:

Lucifer openly and viciously opposed the dragon genocide. He questioned and criticized his openly and publicly, started anti-genocide coalitions, and in 10910 following the deaths of both Giton and Bartholomew; he rebelled. Openly calling upon his followers to rise up and overthrow the corrupted government he lead a march upon the palace. Michael and Raphael stood in their way and within minutes all the rebels had been arrested by the palace guard. Lucifer was tried before his father and the high court, and subsequently banished from Karkira.

Lucifer would be joined by his old friends Gabriel and Sadolphine, and also the older arch angel Raguel. The three four of them would devote themselves to saving dragons where they could. This did not go unnoticed by either side. Divinity generals tried to arrest the group, mercenaries tried to use them, but it was happenstance that an old acquaintance would seek them out. Vectus found them off the coast of Doliciere and brought them to Aurora proper.

The arch angel and Aurora tried to devise an end to the genocide together, but it was Raguel who came to the answer. "If their aim is to kill dragons, what if we make dragons that cannot be killed?"

While trepidatious of what the older angel was proposing, Raguel in show of faith volunteered to demonstrate his plan upon the crippled dragon Dusk. He would merge both his soul and the young dragon's in an ability unique to arch angels. The resulting union would turn out to be the first vaelon.