The Outcast faction is an united group of species from all walks of life on Dylaera come together to combat the oppression of Divinity.


The Outcast faction was founded by the three exiled Arch Angels: Lucifer , Gabriel, and Sadol as well as the Immortal Fifty-Three.

The vaelon Ellaria had a profound habit of bringing home exiles and abandoned souls that had no home. She would later return to the underground hovel that would later become Haven (much to the dismay of the others). Eventually the amount of souls  grew to where the hovel had to be expanded regularly. Upon completion of the city Lucifer decided to invenst all his attention of Ellaria's work and bring some order to it. 

He decided among the vaelon and his kin that if they were outcasts themselves then that is what they would be.

==Division 6== 


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