Reich is one of the greatest military minds in Dylaera. An alminiri known for her brute strength, cunning tactics, and engineering skill. She earned the title of "Iron Battalion" solely based on the rumour that she is as strong as any army in Jericho. Like all her kin she is a survivor of the Ashen Holocaust. In the events of Thirteen Bells it is revealed that Reich turned down the offer to join the raid based solely on the idea that she could be of more use in the long fight than "gambling on an uncertainty".

A master of every weapon in existence, Reich was bestowed the relic Jaeger. The musket had the ability to completely disassemble and interchange its parts from an evolving registry at its core. Jaeger has become everything from a 50cal. revolver to an iron sight rifle nicknamed 'Simo'.

Her military prowess is demonstrated in Sands of Memory when she recruits Darrian to aid in an assault on the Red Pass. The main goal is to disrupt supply lines from Vera to Faul but also to destroy the dreadnaught Midnight Baron.


Early Years:

Reich was born the fifth child of Giton and Fwayli. Born in the uneasy peace time before the holocaust she enjoyed a a sense of peace and closeness with her sires. She had a fondness for challenging her siblings in mock bouts to test her growing strength.

The Ashen Holocaust:

The seventeen year hell played its toll on the young dragon. She had migrated south to the Reaches and sought safety with others including Emma and Sylis. Eventually Reich and others would be caught and captured by the brothers Veriel and Ulerion who chained all the young dragons in a clearing and baited Fwayli to come save them. The elder dragon came as predicted. One of the children had long since died and unknown to all but the brothers; stuffed with an explosive substance. The dead dragon exploded in a hellfire so intense it scarred and maimed everyone who didn't initially die in the blast.

Sands of Memory

Reich is featured as both a PoV character and the driving force behind The Battle of the Red Pass arc. After conscripting Darrian to deliver supplies to Tessan she asks for his help in securing the Red Pass Terminal. While refusing to at first, Darrian eventually accepts the job.

Reich & Darrian v. The Midnight Baron:

Reich v. Samiel

After surviving the crash, Samiel reveals himself and begins attacking Reich.

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