The first book in the series, Sands of Memory revolves around Darrian Karlin and Emily Alistair starting from their first meeting and eventual partnership.


Diverging Paths:


Student of Outcasts:

Battle of the Red Pass:




Chapter List

  1. (Prologue) A Toast to Memory
  2. The Song He Forgot
  3. Akyrie
  4. Haven
  5. The King of Outcasts
  6. Memory Distilled
  7. The Dragon's Daughter
  8. Division 6
  9. A Desire of Knowledge
  10. A Union Wrought In Moonlight
  11. A Reward Best Learned
  12. Embers and Rust
  13. A Lesson in Power
  14. For He Was My Salvation
  15. Riot Before The Cross
  16. Son of the Sands
  17. Conviction
  18. That Which Is Most Precious
  19. The Dragon of Conflict
  20. Derailed
  21. March of the Iron Battalion
  22. The Rhythm of Family
  23. Sibling Rivalry
  24. A Storm is Coming
  25. The City of Vera
  26. Guild of Theives
  27. The Dragon of Duality
  28. A Risk Worth Taking
  29. And So The Flames Danced
  30. The Divine Shield
  31. Corridors and Shadows
  32. A Flame that Boils
  33. Dual Purpose
  34. A Chink in the Armour
  35. (Epilogue) Freedom's Price




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