Sarah Kress is an alminiri famous for the gift of healing. A survivor of the Ashen Holocaust she took to improving the world through an intense study of medicine. While predominantly seen as a kind and selfless practitioner of the healing arts; Sarah is not without her dark side and often cold efficiency. She appears multiple times in Sands of Memory both in her official role and as confidant to Darrian Karlin.



Sarah is a tall light skinned woman with blue-grey hair and square framed glasses.


Sarah's main scale colour is a dark forest green with a lighter green underbelly.


Early Years:

Sarah grew up in the years before the genocide was decreed. A free spirited father lounged within shallow azure waters off the island where she was born, while a nurturing mother taught about the forests of the world.

Ashen Holocaust:

Emmanuel's decree in 10908 destroyed everything the dragon held close. Her parents vanished, her siblings scattered to untold deaths, and in the end she found herself in hiding. Sarah made her way south through the Endless Isles only stopping where no habitation could be seen. She did encounter settlements on occasion, some of which going to far as to provide rest. During a visit to Sihro Island Sarah befriended an old medicine man who let the young dragon rest for a time in an rocky cove. While processing herbs the old man talked freely of the island's history.

Study of Medicine:

Much like the methodology of Sylis, Sarah's medical training is first hand and built up over lifetimes of study. Though out of all the alminiri it is said that no other has gone the length the Dragon of Life has.

Sarah began her pursuits following Gola's return(after his first death) and the completion of Haven. The confirmation of their newfound immortality held itself as a curious entity and so Sarah ventured into the world for a few lifetimes. She followed after everyone from healers to witches with extensive herb lore and slowly over time began to accumulate this knowledge. By the time Sarah had written a collection of books: A Base Guide to The Medicinal Arts, in the year 11306 she had gone through five lives.

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