Serna the ‘Prophetic’ ‘Whisperer of Prophecy’: The female dragon of wind was the most absent minded of all her siblings, a lover of sky and cloud she would drift and glide through the air with not a thought. Labeled a whisperer of prophecies  because she would occasionally think aloud while flying from place to place and remarking on the state of the air to which farmers and men bellow could conceive an accurate weather forecast. She earned a reputation in her life for being the fastest flying being and she held that title long after her death. It is said that farmers today still look up at the sky and ask her for a prediction, hoping to once again hear her voice on the wind.


  • Age: 
  • Title: The Great Dragon of Prophecy
  • Species: Dragon
  • Magic: Wind
  • Bounty: 
  • Armaments:
  • Faction: 
  • Primary Location:
  • Occupation:
  • Rank:
  • Family:
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