Siren is credited as being one of the greatest bards in Dylaera's history. A talent for any instrument, she has woven the world in song.

Early History

Song Writing

Rumour states that given enough time Siren could compose a song about anything. In an effort to broaden her skills she set off with Sylph to travel the world. She discovered the music of many cultures and contributed to all of them in some manner. While credited with numerous songs considered timeless her most famous piece was title: The Lament of Thirteen Bells. While the Thirteen Bells incident lends credit to her song's name, Siren is actually annoyed by the use of such.

Notable songs include:

The Broken Road

Memory's Salvation

Tides of Freedom

Darrian and Aithen encouncter Siren along with Slyph upon visiting the uncharted island of 

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