• Age: 
  • Title: The Dragon of Wilds
  • Magic: Magma
  • Bounty: 463,000
  • Armaments: Hunger and Fury, two single handed sickles.
  • Faction: Outcast(Former), Factionless
  • Primary Location: Geullivey Isle(Southern Endless Isles)
  • Occupation: None
  • Rank: None
  • Family: 

The Dragon Hunts

Slyph was the epitomy of misfortune during the hunts, to the point many of her silblings would run away from her or vanish the first chance they got. At the beginning when family was plentiful she was accepted quickly into hideouts and refuges but within days, weeks, or even months they would be found out and slain while she alone would escape. For twelve years she ran, and everyone she ever lived with died over and over again until Sylph herself began to go insane. She grew easily spooked, anti-social, and ill tempered prefering to live along in a crevice within the coastal ranges of Doliceire .

One day Siren sought refuge in Sylph's crevice, not knowing that it was occupied. Once Sylph noticed the intruder she did all in her power to make the intruder flee. Siren decided to be persistant and kept coming back, sometimes with food somethings just alone and no matter how many times Sylph pushed her away, or moved locations the water dragon would always come back. Growing desperate Slyph explained about her misfortune and to her shock, it didn't phase Siren. Eventually Siren brought her talent for music as a gift and sang to the young magma dragon, who increasingly began to calm and mentally stabalize.

So the friendship was born between the Dragons of Wilds and Song and though they had many rough encounters for the remained of the hunts, both females lived to become part of the Immortal Fifty-Three.

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