• Age: 174(Deceased) 12890 - 13064
  • Title: 
  • Species: Vaelon
  • Magic: Ember(Fire +Wood)
  • Bounty: 36,750
  • Armaments:
  • Faction: Outcast
  • Primary Location: Haven
  • Occupation: Division 6 agent, Head of Division 6
  • Rank: 
  • Family: Darrian Karlin(Father), Ellaria(Mother), 

Early Life

Division 6

Tala's work with Division 6 was always warmly noted in the records. She was energetic, resourceful, and could hold her own when the need arised. She joined Division 6 at the age of 18, and though at first served with both her parents she would later take up her own partner, a disyra named Holly for the next 30 years. After Holly retired from active service, Tala was offered the position of Head of the organisation. She held it from 12938 until 13040 when she was awarded retirement. 

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