The city of Vera, capitol of Divinity on the continent of Jericho. A thick, high wall divides the settlement from the encroaching desert beyond while a towering cliff cuts the upper reaches from the lower. The city itself is built along a natural horseshoe bay.

Upper Districts

Station District:

All of Jericho's rail lines eventually end at this destination. While there is in essence two divisions of this district(military and civilian) the area is commonly encompassed into one. Capitol Station is the pride and joy of the district and is surrounded by hotels, shops, and restaurants all vying for the attention of travelers both noble and common alike.

While the rail yard is mostly hidden it does include a multitude of warehouses and company offices. Included in the yard is a subterranean road which cuts down under the city. The road leads to the dockside warehouses to transport goods from the rail line to trade ships.

On the military side of the Station District houses the entirety of Vera's military presence. Multiple barracks, training grounds, and education buildings are housed in the north end. An armoury can be found near the military rail yard along with the various mechanic bays and the landship factory.

Upper Merchant's District:

Leading from the front gate and wrapping around the Station District to the south and east lays the Upper Merchant District. Composed of high class shops and boutiques the word is you can get anything your mind can imagine. Licensed guild shops also exist here offering artisan quality items.

Royal District:

Lower Districts:

The Wall:

Vera's sheer cliff face that divided the upper and lower districts.

Lower Merchant District:

Harbour District:

Tarnished Gate:

A notoriously undermanned entrance to the city's south east. It enters the Lowe

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