Veriel is a warden, and Lord Commander of the Vera Guard.

  • Age: 
  • Title: The Shield of Mercy
  • Magic: Barrier
  • Bounty: N/A
  • Armaments: 
  • Faction: Divinity
  • Primary Location: Vera
  • Occupation: Lord Commander of the Guard
  • Rank: Warden
  • Family: Ulerian (Brother)


Verial, unlike his older brother prefers to seek out the honourable fight, though he has the fault of short patience. He is a quiet angel, keeping to himself within the Vera's main keep. Though fair he would rather things went his way and see to it that they do. 

Sands of Memory

Veriel is the final encounter in SoM. Upon discovering Darrian and Emily within the city of Vera he orders a full lockdown of the city while his guard searches the city. Regardless of his persistance he ultimately fails in capturing them and  with his attentions elseware he unknowingly allows Jal'viere to launch her heist upon the Keep.

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