The ruthless bandit leader of eastern Jericho. Kreig is unforgiving and violent to all non-akyrie but has scraped together a band of castaways over the years. Like all alminiri he is a survivor of the Ashen Holocaust which he spent hidden away with his brother Darrian and sisters Ellaria and Sarah. Krieg appears as an antagonist and driving force in part of Sands of Memory to test his brother and prepare him for future conflicts.


Early Years:

Ashen Holocaust:

Thirteen Bells:

Darrian's return to Haven in a heavily damaged state haunted Kreig for days. He spent many waking days in the presence of his unconscious younger brother trying to piece together where the missing thirteen alminiri had gone and how Darrian was the only one to return.

After learning the truth that Michael had been responsible, Krieg secluded himself in the darkness of his own thoughts. He would come to blame Lucifer for withholding the thirteen's intentions while also becoming increasingly distant to the faction he helped form. In the end Krieg challenged Lucifer for control of the faction and the battle only concluded when Darrian intervened.

After heated words the two brothers vowed to separate and would not see each other until the events of Sands of Memory.



Vulcan Hammer: